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Ancestors’ Song: a song by Brother Peace

Music, Peace

A song of remembrance and of gratitude to our ancestors, performed by Brother Peace.

“All my ancestors’ ancestors’ ancestors’ ancestors told me
Remember to remember to remember to remember me
All I worked for and strived for and lived for and died for
All my mistakes and heartbreaks and hot takes and half-baked dreams

Now I’ve been here and been here and been here and been here enough times
And I still don’t or still won’t or still can’t know what it all means
I just keep rooting down through the earth who embraced you
Letting sunlight come shine through my leaves

And you said: let me die so you can live
There’s so much joy you have to give
Remember, child, whatever you do
We’ll always love you”

Lyrics and music by Brother Peace. Recorded at Deer Park Monastery, USA, in January 2022.

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