happy teachers change africa

happy teachers change africa


Length: 60 minutes
Language: English
Location: Mbarara, Uganda
Year: 2022
Subtitles: several world languages

bringing mindfulness into education in africa


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In Uganda it is still very common that school children get physically punished by teachers. What can we do, so that the children of Uganda – and throughout Africa – are raised and educated not in an atmosphere of fear, but of love?

Invited by the St. Francis Training Institute, in January 2019 a group of Plum Village monastics travelled to Mbarara, Uganda, to share the practice of mindfulness with 250 teachers from all over the country and beyond, including South Sudan, Rwanda and Cameroon.

At the end of the retreat, the first time retreatants shared about their transformational experience: “I am a completely new person now”, “I opened my eyes”, “Mindfulness is a wonder”, “I will be a happier and better teacher now. And I will share the practice with my students”. I am quite sure that these teachers will be compassionate advocates for nonviolence and love in their own classrooms – and that they will prevent anybody else from using ‘the cane’ to punish or to correct.

Through this testimonial film we hope to reach many thousands of teachers more across Africa: Happy Teachers change Africa.

This film will be made available in several world languages.