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A Regulated Nervous System: an orientation by Jo-ann Rosen


A Regulated Nervous System

Human beings can experience many different emotions. We can be angry or depressed. Joyful, or sad. Irritated or jealous, etcetera. All emotions can be experienced in our body, through bodily sensations.

In this video, long time mindfulness practitioner Jo-ann Rosen gives an orientation on how our brain, our nervous system and our vital organs work together in an intricate way. She shows that it is important for us to stay within certain boundaries of practice (right effort), so that we are no longer hijacked by our nervous system, losing control over our emotions. She calls this safe space the window of mindfulness. When we are mindful we can experience a certain amount of peace and calm, regardless of the (strong) emotion we are experiencing.

By practicing mindfulness it is possible to walk ‘the middle way’, the peaceful path of the Buddha.

We hope this orientation supports you in your practice at home, or with your sangha.

Enjoy your practice!


This video is part of a series of introductions and orientations about the basic mindfulness practices in the Plum Village tradition.

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