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Mother Earth alive in me: a guided meditation by Sister Dang Nghiem

Earth, Teaching

A powerful guided meditation about our inter-connected relation with Mother Earth, by Sister Dang Nghiem.

This video consists of three parts:
1. Introduction starts at 00:00 minutes
2. Morning chant starts at 6:55 minutes
3. Guided meditation starts at 12:00 minutes

“Breathing in, I recognize that Mother Earth is sick. That climate disruption is a manifestation of a grave illness and imbalance in her elements. Breathing out, I contemplate on how her sickness is reflected in the sickness and suffering in humans and other species, as antibiotic resistant infections, pandemics, devastating floods, wildfires, species extinctions, etcetera. Mother Earth is sick. Therefore we are sick.”

There is only one way out: we have to heal ourselves. Healing ourselves we will heal the Earth. It is a daily practice of cultivating presence and awareness, which will change our habits and bring about wholesome transformation and true healing.

Enjoy your meditation!

Recorded at Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA, USA, December 2021.

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