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Noble Silence: an introduction by Brother Minh Luong


Noble Silence

In our practice centres there are many periods of silence, for example during walking meditation, eating meditation, listening to a dharma talk, total relaxation, but the biggest period of noble silence is in the evening.

A period of deep silence is observed starting from the end of the evening sitting meditation until after breakfast the next morning. We do not talk during this period, and we also try to stop our inner voice, our internal conversations in our mind. This is very healing.

We allow the silence and the calmness to penetrate our flesh and bones. We allow the energy of the Sangha and its mindfulness to penetrate our body and mind. We go back to our dormitories and tents slowly, aware of every step. We breathe deeply and enjoy the stillness and the freshness of the evening. We do not talk to the person walking by our side; she or he needs our support, too. We can stay alone outside with the trees and the stars for a while, then go inside to use the bathroom, to change and go to bed.

Lying on our back, we can practice Deep Relaxation until sleep comes. In the morning, we open our eyes and move mindfully and silently, taking time to breathe, to go to the bathroom and then proceeding to the meditation hall. We do not have to wait for anyone. When we see someone along the path, we just join our palms and bow, allowing him or her to enjoy the morning the way we do.

This is the practice we do every day, except on lazy nights and on festival days like the Full Moon Celebration. We need everyone to participate for the practice to be deep and joyful.

You can bring this practice home, or even to the place you work or study. Silence is very important, especially in our days, with so many people living in cities, overloaded by noise in many forms. Noble silence is one of the basic conditions for our well-being and peace.

We hope this video introduction supports you in your practice at home, or with your sangha.

Enjoy your practice!


This video is part of a series of introductions about the basic mindfulness practices in the Plum Village tradition.

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