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Healing Your Inner Child: an introduction by Sister Dang Nghiem


Healing Your Inner Child

In this tutorial Sister Dang Nghiem lovingly shows how she takes care of her inner child, a practice that is important for each of us:

“However old we are, there is still that five year old child, ten year old child, that teenager, who is happy, healthy, alive. But also, who is maybe quite wounded, quite confused, quite withdrawn, quite disillusioned.”

By listening deeply, speaking with love and embracing with tender presence we can heal our inner child.  This fundamental practice will not only transform the relation with ourselves, but also with the world around us. Healing ourselves, we are healing the world.

We hope this video introduction supports you in your practice at home, or with your sangha.

Enjoy your practice!


This video is part of a series of introductions about the basic mindfulness practices in the Plum Village tradition.

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