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The 5 Mindfulness Trainings: an introduction by Sister Dang Nghiem


The 5 Mindfulness Trainings

The 5 Mindfulness Trainings is a set of short texts. They have their root in the Five Precepts offered by the Buddha, but are expanded and updated so that they represent a way to bring mindfulness into every area of life. Rather than hard and fast rules, they offer us a framework to reflect on our actions, speech and thinking so we can create more happiness for ourself and for the world around us.

The 5 Mindfulness Trainings are one of the most concrete ways to practice mindfulness. They are nonsectarian, and their nature is universal. They are true practices of compassion and understanding.

The first training is to protect life, to decrease violence in oneself, in the family and in society. The second training is to practice social justice, generosity, not stealing and not exploiting other living beings. The third is the practice of responsible sexual behavior in order to protect individuals, couples, families and children. The fourth is the practice of deep listening and loving speech to restore communication and reconcile. The fifth is about mindful consumption, to help us not bring toxins and poisons into our body or mind.

These five trainings, as Sister Dang Nghiem shares, are like a shining Northern Star, giving guidance on our life path.

We hope this video introduction supports you in your practice at home, or with your sangha.

Enjoy your practice!


This video is part of a series of introductions about the basic mindfulness practices in the Plum Village tradition.

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